About Greenfingers Square

In 2008, our founder Mr Kenny Chan made his dream come true in opening his own flower school named 'Greenfingers Square'. Greenfingers Square runs many floral design courses, from foundation to diploma classes as well as hobby classes. We are proud to say it provides a complete range of floral design courses to strive achieve the best training for our students. What makes Greenfingers Square different from other flower schools is our passion and respect given to flowers and also our unique use of floral materials. Our school, is around 5000sq ft and is an oasis centrally located at Tsim Sha Tsui. It has a small indoor garden in place for teaching purposes and it certainly provides a warm welcoming atmosphere to our students. Surely it is more than just a flower school.

The following course is now opening for submission:

Design with Glass Containers

Design with Metal Urns

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Please E-mail the registration form to : school@greenfingers.com.hk