C40 Formal Linear Floral Design—past and contemporary (3 Lessons)

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Formal Linear Design is highly acclaimed by Gregor Lersch (ref. Principles of Design) as the most stylized form of floral art. It emphasizes a high precision in the use of plant materials, in the manifestation of their unique shapes, lines, angles and negative space.

In this course we’ll review the essence and the influence of Formal Linear Style since the Art Deco era. Attempts will be made to integrate modern structural techniques into what we call the Contemporary Formal Linear Style. The goal of this course is to bring back original respect of botanicals into modern floral designs.


Date: 3, 10, 17 Aug, 2019 (Sat) 

Time: 15:00-17:00

Venue: A2, 6/F Sun King Factory Building, 1-7 Shing Chuen Road, NT, HK

Fee: HK$1800/ Lesson, HK$5400 in total (Flower and accessories included)

Instructor: Mr. Kenny Chan

Prerequisite: Students who finished basic floristry training or C1


* Payment should be made by direct transfer to HSBC Bank account 113-211411-838, or by cheque payable to “Greenfingers Florist Co., Ltd”.

** Please Whatsapp the receipt to (852) 6859 7806 or email to school@greenfingers.com.hk and bring it to the lesson for checking.


* 請把入數紙Whatsapp至 (852) 6859 7806 或電郵至 school@greenfingers.com.hk, 並於開課時帶備入數紙正本以便查閱。 戶口: Greenfingers Florist Co.Ltd. 匯豐銀行 HSBC: 113-211411-838

** 支票付款抬頭請寫「Greenfingers Florist Co. Ltd.」


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